Module 8: Risk Management 08 (Distracted Management)

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Distracción en el manejo

Cell phone use while driving has been restricted in most states. This includes sending text messages. The effect of using cell phones while driving can be disastrous. Its use while driving is typically considered a secondary violation, such as not wearing a seat belt. If you use the phone while driving, your chances of being involved in an accident can be very high because it takes your attention away from the act of driving, the weather, and road conditions. If you need to use a cell phone while in a vehicle, stop before making or taking a call or if you do not ask a passenger to use the phone for you. Most of the time, modern technology in vehicles is a distraction for the driver. This is especially true when a driver is unfamiliar with the vehicle. Just like trying to use a cell phone while driving, adjusting the radio, MP3 player or GPS system takes your attention away from the road and the task of driving. It is best to regulate or adjust any of these devices before moving the vehicle. Familiarize yourself with.

A person must give their full attention to driving. Experienced drivers are often too comfortable with their driving skills that they do not give their full attention to the act of driving. In order to stay safe and reduce risk, as well as to avoid potential collisions, drivers should not engage in or put their mental resources in activities other than driving. This includes things like eating, shaving, applying makeup, combing hair, reading, or smoking. All of this can potentially have bad effects on the driver. When eating for example, there are chances of spilling food or drink or choking on food. Personal maintenance activities indicate that the driver is more concerned with personal feelings than with driving and sharing the road with other travelers. The effects of smoking can definitely be bad while driving. It causes the driver to take a hand off the steering wheel while driving, it can cause them to cough or have reduced visibility, and there is a big problem if the ashes fall on the driver or the car potentially burning whatever they land on all of these devices before you start driving.