Module 7: Cooperating with Others on Highway 08 (Aggression behind the wheel)

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Road rage

Each year, aggressive driving, also known as aggressive driving, causes hundreds of injuries and deaths. Aggressive driving occurs when a driver becomes upset or irritated and as a result does not follow the rules of the road. An aggressive driver will purposely irritate or try to irritate other drivers and in some cases will cause bodily injury, property damage, or the death of others

Tips to avoid aggressive driving

  1. Plan your trip or schedule in advance. Allow extra time in the event your vehicle breaks down or encounters traffic congestion due to a collision, road construction, or rush hour traffic.
  2. When you are stuck in traffic, don’t bother. Try to relax and listen to music that you enjoy. Remember, congestion is usually temporary and you will soon be on your way.
  3. In case you need to use the horn, touch it, do not hold it down. Do not confront other drivers or make obscene gestures.

¬† 4. Do not cut into another driver’s lane of traffic. Signal your intentions appropriately to change lanes, and change lanes when it is safe to do so. Turn off your turn signal after you have changed lanes.

5. Do not deliberately slow down, apply hard on the brakes, or accelerate to prevent someone from passing you or entering your lane.

6. Don’t follow closely; keep a safe distance.

7. Always remember to drive courteously and report aggressive drivers to local authorities.