Module 7: Cooperating with Others on Highway 05

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(Positioning)A good rule of thumb for seat positioning is to stretch your arm over the steering wheel. The steering wheel should touch your arm at the wrist. This position will put you a safe distance from the airbag and will also give you the best possible control. Vehicles with open beds – A person commits a crime if they operate a vehicle with an open bed or a chassis or platform vehicle when a child under the age of 18 is occupying the bed of the van or truck. (The fact that the person was: (1) operating or towing the vehicle in a parade or in an emergency;

(2) operating the vehicle to transport farm workers from one field to another field on a farm-to-market, ranch-to-market road, or county road outside the municipality;

(3) operating the vehicle on a beach;

(4) operating a vehicle that is the only vehicle owned or operated by the family; or

(5) operate a vehicle on a hay wagon ride permitted by the government or law enforcement agency of each county or municipality in which the hay wagon ride takes place.)

There are similar restrictions for trailers and semi-trailers. Please see the Texas Driver’s Manual for more details. Even if there are some situations in Texas in which a person can ride in the bed of a truck, this is not a safe practice. In most states even these situations are illegal.