Module 5: Traffic Flow Control 15 (Conclusion)

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Drivers can successfully reduce risk by doing many different things. It is always important, as we mentioned earlier, to obey the police officers and whatever they ask us to do while driving.

Remember to signal well in advance when changing lanes or turning, as well as to remove the turn signal once you have made the turn. Watch carefully and watch for any and all road signs, markings, and pavement markings. Never exceed the speed limit, or drive below the minimum speed limit when driving on the highway.

It is important to remember the rules for passing. Take care to make turns safely and legally. Follow the traffic rules concerning stopping, stopping and parking your vehicle.

Your follow-up interval is very important. Good drivers are aware of this and are careful not to follow other vehicles too closely.  

Road conditions should be a big factor in deciding the speed at which you need to drive and what equipment you will need to have with you.

Be sure to remember and take into account the laws of the highways when entering, traveling and exiting. Knowing and following these rules is very important for risk reduction.

Knowing what to do in special situations, such as skidding, brake failure, flat tires, and breakdowns, is also important for risk reduction.  

When it comes to winter driving, there are many additional dangers on the roads. It is very important to be very careful on snowy or icy roads, and to know the correct procedures both for driving on these roads and for dealing with any problems that develop as a result of these conditions.