Module 5: Traffic Flow Control 05 (Safe Interval)

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SAFE INTERVAL Good drivers will always be aware of how close they are to the vehicle in front of them. The faster you drive, the more distance you should leave the car in front of you. When the vehicle in front passes a fixed object on the side of the road, you should not hit the same object for less than 3 seconds. If you realize you are passing the object before that time, you should slow down immediately, because you are traveling too close. The driver ahead of you could quickly stop or slow down at any time. It is your responsibility to leave enough room for them to do this without risking a rear-end collision. It takes an average person about 1-1 / 2 seconds to think, react, and brake. The following list shows how fast you travel in the time frame, and how many feet you will travel before coming to a complete stop under normal conditions: