Module 2: Driver’s License 03 (Suspensions and Revocations)

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Texas Driver's License Restoration & Reinstatement | DLR

Administrative Suspensions and Revocations DPS has the authority to suspend or revoke a driver’s license or driver’s privileges, after an opportunity for a proper hearing, for any of the reasons listed below. A reinstatement fee is required for discretionary suspensions and revocations.

  1. Driving with an invalid license.
  2. Causing a serious collision while driving a vehicle.
  3. Become unable to drive.
  4. Commit continuous violations of traffic laws, namely: a. Four or more traffic convictions within any 12-month period. b. Seven or more traffic convictions within 24 months.
  5. Failing to complete a drug education program, as required upon receiving a conviction for a drug-related crime.
  6. Not providing medical information when requested.
  7. Failing to take or pass an exam when required.
  8. Running away or attempting to run away from a law enforcement official.
  9. Having committed a crime in another state that, if committed in this state, would give reason to suspend or revoke the driver’s license.
  10. Failure to stop to make way for a school bus (second conviction).
  11. Violating the probation order established at a prior hearing. Suspensions and Revocations (Under 21 Years of Age) Receiving a conviction or disobeying the following offenses will result in the automatic suspension of driving privileges for persons under the age of 21 

DPS has the authority to cancel the driver’s license or identification card of people who do not meet certain requirements. The following cases require cancellation of the driver’s license or identification card:

Suspension and revocation action in another state.

Parental authorization withdrawn (for persons under 18 years of age)

Necessary information is not provided when applying for license or ID card

The person was not entitled to the license or identification card.

Incomplete driver education

Voluntary surrender for medical or insurance reasons

False information on an application for a license or ID card

Driving with an invalid license

People who drive a vehicle while their driver’s license is suspended, revoked, rejected, or canceled can receive suspensions and criminal penalties.